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About Us

Our team at Auto Towbars have been working with automotive electronics for the past 30 years, giving us a wealth of experience and technical knowledge. Our background in in-car entertainment and security gives us a unique advantage when installing towing systems to vehicles of any type or age. The high quality installation service we offer will ensure that your towbar is not only mechanically sound, but it will also integrate seamlessly with your vehicle's electrical system. This gives you peace of mind that you can tow safely and meet all necessary legal requirements.

At Auto Towbars we believe that your towbar installation should provide safe and reliable towing for years to come. With this in mind we only use the best quality components and practices throughout all of our work. Unlike many installers we do not use inferior crimped connectors in our electrical work. These are typically unreliable and can easily fail, leaving you with faulty trailer lights or none at all. Every connection that we make is soldered together to ensure a durable and safe connection.

We provide a wide range of products to meet your every need. We can install all types of towbar including standard flange type, swan neck, swan detachable neck or flange detachable neck. We also have an extensive range of accessories to enhance your towing experience, from towball covers to fully installed camera systems to monitor your precious load.

If you require a more complex or specific electrical installation, we can provide solutions for all types of trailer and caravan systems. We offer vehicle specific kits as well as a wide range of universal electrical kits, including 12N Single, 12S Twin, 13 Pin, Multiplex By-Pass Relays and Voltage Sensitive Split Charge Relays. If you have particular requirements we are always happy to discuss them, and offer help and advice where needed.

As well as operating from our well equipped Dorchester workshop we also provide a full range of mobile services for your convenience. We cover a wide area of the Southwest including the whole of Dorset and areas of Devon, Somerset and Hampshire. Please contact us if you would like more information on services we can provide in your area.

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